pohlmann services

organizes large and small business events in Germany and abroad.
We design, plan and coordinate meetings, events, product launches, company parties and incentive trips.

There are many types of events...

pohlmann services’ involvement is typically requested for relatively sophisticated company events.

This is where you will benefit most from our vast experience andknow-how and where we can actively perform our role as a consultant.
Yet, many of our clients equally cherish our support in coordinating less complex projects.

We are not living in an ivory tower. On the contrary, the main pillarsof our work are a target and target group-oriented approach as well asstrict budget control.

How our clients see us…

A comment made by one of our clients sums up our chief ambition:

" „When organizing our events, pohlmann services ensures that we can fulfill the promises we have made to our guests."

This was indeed a very special compliment for us.

Our clients are aware that the quality of service – and consequently that of an event – has an immediate effect.
Guests realize at once if the room temperature is uncomfortable or if the coffee is too cold. Unfortunately once this happens, attempts to remedy the situation are often too late. Events are highly emotional affairs – hence, the emotional chords need to be played just right and therein lies the art of event planning.

How we see our clients…

We know that our clients are under constant pressure. With great competence and dedication, they continuously develop new ideas. As a result, expectations grow as well, while the budget for the event tends to remain the same. This is one of many situations in which pohlmann services’ advice can help your ideas become a reality. At your successful event, we will thrive on the acknowledgement you receive.

For us, mutual respect is the key to success. We deliver services and enjoy doing so. In very few words, the credo of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group sums up this maxim in the best possible way:

„We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen."

We thank you very much for your interest in our company and for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to you.

What may we plan & realize for you?

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